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I would like to ask that we all pray for a young woman I met yesterday as I was going about my busy life. I stopped to get a hair cut and was wearing my discipleship t-shirt from the retreat. She asked me what it meant and I explained to her that we as disciples of God stive to Act like Jesus, Speak like Jesus and Think like Jesus. She then when on to tell me she had just been diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of twenty three and had already been told that she would never have children.  

As I listened to her talk, memories of my own past came flooding and back and knew exactly how she felt. We talked for a long while and when she was done I asked her if there was some place quite that we could go. For the first time in my life I knew what it was like to Act, Think and Speak like Jesus. We prayed together there in a room at the hair dressers. 

I am asking that you please keep this young woman in your prayers and let her know that not only I care but my community of brothers and sisters also care.

- A dsiciple