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My brother (drums) and I (guitar, singer) have been members of the IC rock mass for almost 6 years now. From the very beginning actually. I'd like to share with you some of my past and a testimony of God's great work for us at the "Rock Mass."

I grew up a devout Catholic. My mother was constantly getting our family involved in mission trips, religious retreats, fund raisers, and if there was any event for my brother and I to play music... we were there. Her dream was to start a youth mass where she could teach people about God and begin healing the hearts of so many troubled youth. Unfortunately, the everyday grind of life just got in the way. My brother and I loved what she was doing, but we were too busy being young ourselves. We slowly drifted to rap and rock. Artists like Tupac, Korn, and Limp Bizkit filled our ears. You know, music that no Christian mother likes to hear. While my mother wanted us to heal the world with messages of hope and healing, we drifted to playing songs of pain and hate. Soon after, I got married and all that went away too. Instead of music, my life was filled with my work during the day and my family at night. Where did Jesus fit in? For years I wanted to get back to him. To begin living for Christ again. But I just didn't know how.

Then I got my first real job as a computer nerd at the Dayton Water Department where I met a bass player named Tom Dempsey. One day he said to me, "Hey your a Catholic right? How would you like to start a rock mass?" I was immediately filled with memories of my mothers tireless and heart breaking efforts. He went on to say that a long haired priest named Satish wanted to start an evening youth mass and play upbeat music. It was as though God was desperately calling out to me to come back to him.

So, practices began with Tom Demsey on bass, Eric Geise on lead and me on rhythm playing "Gather Us In" in a room behind Elsa's on Linden. That's right. Three grown men practicing church music behind a mexican restaurant in Dayton. After a few weeks of that someone said, "We need a drummer." I then told them that my brother played drums, but he lived all the way in Enon. I really didn't think that he would want to drive all that way to play at church. I picked up my phone and dialed Joe. The conversation went something like this...

Me - "Hey Joe, we're starting a rock mass in Dayton. Wanna play?"
Joe - "Sounds awesome. When do we start?"

6 years later we have probably had close to 50 musicians and singers come and go. So many great people willing to give 3 1/2 hours every Sunday to God. My brother and I have baptized 5 children at rock mass. My mother is so proud that she still tears up talking about the rock mass. And every time I think of quitting, someone stops me and says, "Your song really touched me" or.. "I have decided to come back to the church, thank you". These moments have a profound effect on me and I am eternally grateful. To the parishioners of IC and the rock band... Thank you for all you have given me. I love you all and am forever humbled by your kindness. May you answer the Lord's call and keep your hearts open to knowing when God wants to rock with you.

- Jason Errett