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In reflecting on the readings from Mass, I am reminded of my conversion story. When I was 14 years old, I was diagnosed with eyeritis which caused me to have to live at home through my 7th and 8th grade schooling. During that time, my family was told I was at risk of becoming blind. I had to live in literal darkness. I had blankets put at my bedroom windows to keep out the direct sunlight. If I went outside, I had to wear three to four sunglass inserts behind my glasses in order to allow my eyes to adjust to the sunlight. A tutor came to my house twice a week for schooling.

 As you can imagine, I became depressed. I was cut off from my friends and community. I felt very much alone and scared. At that point in my life, I was home one night contemplating suicide. I didn't want to be in anymore pain and thought that would be the best way to solve my problems. It was on that night, that the Lord thought differently. All I can say is I was overcome with a sense of peace and hope. God reassured me that I would be ok. It felt as if I was in the palm of His hands and my spirit was renewed. The very next day, I had a hunger to know Jesus more, to read His Word, to go to Mass and learn the rosary. (At the time, my family was not going to Mass).

Through that healing, I have developed a relationship with Him which has been my strong hold through any of life's difficulties. I encourage anyone who is feeling alone or isolated to turn to God for support and believe He answers prayers. Maybe sometimes in a way you least expect it. Later in my life, I asked the Lord why me? Why did you choose to heal me in such a miraculous way? I was told that all those who had been praying for my health (not to lose my eyesight) - God had heard their prayers and answered them.

- Teresa