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Feast of Saint Lawrence, Deacon and Martyr

Scripture Readings

As of the writing of this reflection, my wife (Bess) and I have no idea where we are living in a couple weeks. We are in the midst of selling our home and our next step has yet to be finalized. As I read today's readings I was encouraged by a common theme, trust generosity.

This trust of generosity is not for Bess and I to count on those around us to suddenly meet our needs (though that has happened more times than I can count and I am so humbled by it). Rather I am reminded to trust what we do when we act in generosity. That is part of what we are doing in our move.

We've had many people ask us why we are moving. The simple reason is to get out of debt. Scripture at times likens debt to enslavement and we have felt that. We have desired to be more faithful in our tithe, more generous to our children, neighbors and even strangers, but felt ourselves constrained. We've found ourselves restricted by our promises to direct our money towards another's purpose. Yes, we desire to save for a great down-payment and get that home that lets us bring home a puppy and all the other things. But, more than anything, we want to be free enough to allow God to direct our money. We want to be set free to grow in generosity, not because we will suddenly have so much more, but because we will no longer be as constrained.

In today's readings we hear the goodness of generosity praised. We see it described as a virtue of legacy and virtue that mimics our generous God. I pray that as we get closer to closing on our home that these readings do not fade from my memory. I pray that we all may hear the call in these readings, debt laden or debt free, to see in God's generosity a call to imitate the one who "scatters abroad", who "gives to the poor" for God's generosity is a testament to His righteousness which "endures forever." 

Our debt will pass. Our money will deteriorate. Our cars will break. Our food will mold. Our homes will crumble. But generosity endures forever.

- Spencer Hargadon