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Thursday of the Fourth Week of Easter

Scripture Readings

We hear in today’s first reading Paul recounting the story of how God saved Israel and made them into the chosen people.  There’s something about humanity that thrives on the stories of how we became who we are today.  Who brought you to the Lord?  Take time this morning to remember them and the story of how you became a faithful follower of Christ.  What conversations and teachings stick with you?  What actions and movements of the heart proved God’s loving way is The Way?  Was it your parents, or ministers of the Church?  Was it a priest or sister or brother?  Was it other family members or friends?  How did you come to believe, and continue believing?

God saves us not just as individuals but as a people.  Everything Paul talks about refers to the Nation of Israel.  Who brought Christianity to our nation?  Who evangelized your ancestors in their nation?  This is an important part of our story too.  Let’s take time to pray for all the people in our salvation history who have passed the faith down to you and I.  The way we came to believe still has meaning for us today.  The message of Christ’s transforming love still heals our hearts and incites us to do great works for the Kingdom.

As Jesus says in today’s Gospel, we have been told these things so that we may believe.  The Gospel not just a story; it’s part of the story of our people.  It’s my story and your story.  We remember what God did in us so that we can believe what the Holy Spirit does now and will do for us.  Let us receive Jesus fully in the stories of our lives and our people, so that we may receive not only Him, but the Father and the Spirit who sent Him.  May their story continue to become our story.  Amen!

-Chris Nieport