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Saturday of the Third Week of Easter

Scripture Readings

When have you met someone who has gone through a tremendous transformation? You knew them at one time and the next time you saw them you didn't recognize them. Peter is one such man who went through this transformation twice (at least).

The first transformation is less obvious in today's readings. It is the transformation from the man who falls to his knees saying, "depart from me Lord I am a sinful man," to the Peter who closes our gospel reading today. This Peter still recognizes his position relative to Christ, but the words are different. He is no longer asking Christ to depart, but proclaiming that he (Peter) has nowhere else to go. This was no longer a man who feared his own failings more than he feared a life without Jesus, even if that meant following Jesus into the unknown.

The second transformation we see in Peter is his transition from "To whom shall we go," to the one who is going out. This is the work of the Holy Spirit and of Pentecost! The Church is preparing us to celebrate the feast of Pentecost by walking us through Acts right now, allowing us to see the power of the Spirit.

This is not just a reflection on history, but should stir a longing in us. We should see the new man that is made of Peter and long to walk as he did. To walk in the fear of Lord -- his recognition that without Jesus all else would fall away and fail as expressed as he declares, "To whom should we go." We should long to know the Holy Spirit. The Spirit by which Peter healed and rose Aeneas and Tabitha, respectively. Do we long to encounter the Spirit anew?

We should look to the Spirit as Peter looked to Jesus at the end of today's Gospel. "On whom else will we rely?" But the scary part for us is where the Spirit will lead.

Are we frightened of the Lord or do we walk "in the fear of the Lord" that knows our eternal life lies with Him?

Are we concerned by the Spirit or do we find our consolation in the Spirit?

In our time walking with the Lord have we undergone radical transformations? Or is Jesus just a hobby?

-Spencer Hargadon