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Thursday of the Third Week of Easter

Scripture Readings

Today's readings speak to the importance of strong, honest, faith-filled catechesis. Just as Philip asks the Eunuch - "do you understand what you are reading?" we are to similarly ask this of ourselves and of those in our care, whom we minister to. The Eunuch's answer is one of great wisdom. "How can I, unless someone instructs me?" We cannot simply read the Bible and expect all pieces of it to make sense. We must turn to the church for wisdom and guidance - for instruction.

But the church is a human organization, made of humans. In the Gospel Christ tells us, "They shall all be taught by God," - but how does this happen? I believe this is why we have the gift of the magisterium. "The magisterium of the Catholic Church is the church's authority or office to establish its own authentic teachings. That authority is vested uniquely in the pope and the bishops, under the premise that they are in communion with the correct and true teachings of the faith." This definition, taken from Wikipedia, helps explain the importance and necessity of a central place of teaching within the church. Our church, guided by the Pope, provides instruction and guidance so that we can begin to understand all that we are reading and learning.

In writing this I find comfort in the fact that we are a communal church - we do not have to discern God's will, God's teaching and God's call in our lives alone. We have been given the gift of one another and of the church community to help us understand and learn about God together. To try and understand all that God is, by myself, feels daunting and unrealistic. But knowing that we have a church community that is being guided in truth and wisdom, provides peace and comfort.  May we each discern the areas in our faith where need more instruction and look to the guidance and wisdom of our church to help us to understand them. Amen.

- Amanda Grimm