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Wednesday of the Third Week of Lent

Scripture Readings

A few weeks ago I was having a discussion with a family who were very aware of the fragility of life.  While we were talking about God’s will, we waded into a discussion with one of the family who was unsure of their salvation.  Their fear centered on being good enough to be loved by God.  I nodded in the direction of their children and asked if they were perfect.  Between the children and their parents they all agreed that they were flawed.  The question then became did this parent love their children in spite of their faults.  Of course the answer was “yes.”  If our love is unconditional for our children, even more so is God’s love for us. 

Growing up in a house where the rules seemed strict, I often would look around and see what seemed as a lack of restrictions on my friends.  My father remained unmoved when I pointed out the apparent injustices.  Dad’s response was that I should be happy to have parents that loved me enough to give me rules to live by.  I must admit this love was not always welcomed, until the perspective of time helped me understand the dynamics.

Moses was one of the spiritual fathers of the people of Israel.  His desire was to pass on the statutes and decrees of the Lord so that they would diligently live them in the Promised Land.  Moses did not simply communicate the rules to the Israelites, he taught them to live within the statutes and decrees of the Lord.  For Moses, the people of Israel would give positive witness of their faith to the nations if they lived the statutes faithfully.

Do we give witness to our faith in what we think, talk and act?  How do our words and actions promote peace?  If someone observed us interacting in the world, would people see us glorifying the Lord with our lives? The way live teaches not only what we believe, but tells others they can do the same. 

Loving God, support us in living our faith well so that others will see in us Your image and likeness. Then Lord let this living faith bring others peace and help them know that they are loved. Amen! 

- Deacon Michael Montgomery