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Wednesday of the Second Week of Easter

Scripture Readings

We live in a culture in which the truth seems to have become relativized.  Whether it be climate change, clean water standards, or how we define what constitutes life the truth seems to be determined by the one who has the power.  Perhaps in many ways it has always been this way. Still no matter many times the Nazi’s or other dictators have criminalized a race or a religion, it does not make their rhetoric true.  Yet in our country it seems to be common thinking that if one says a lie enough it will make it the truth.  It is almost as if people think the truth can be locked away and hidden away from the people.

In Acts, the Apostles were put in jail, locked away.  Yet life teaches us that even adverse situations can be moments of blessing.  During the night, an angel freed the Apostles and told them to “Go and take your place in the temple area, and tell the people everything about this life.” Imagine how bold this scene must have been, the religious leaders who had them arrested, were at loss as to what happened.  Freed from their chains, the Apostles went to the Temple to testify to the truth that Jesus had risen from the dead.

This is a story from the life of the church after the resurrection of Jesus.  A story that reminds us of the power of the Spirit of the Lord which drew the Apostles from locked cells and to the Temple to fervently preach the Good News!  What are the shackles that bind us? Sometimes these can be our own fears or the circumstances of life.  How is the Lord trying to draw us out of our bondage and send us into the world to live boldly as disciples?

One of the most famous lines in the Christian scriptures is part of today’s Gospel.  John 3:16 reminds us of God’s extraordinary love.  Jesus was sent into the world to show us the Father’s love for us.  Jesus was sent to draw us to the light so that we might witness to the Father’s love through all the ways we think, talk, and act.  The Lord sent Jesus, “The Truth” and “The Light” not to condemn us but to save us.

What are the truths we wrestle with?  Does the truth that Jesus teaches scare us or does it empower us?  If we truly believe in God, then our works will reflect our love of God.

Lord, we know you are the truth.  Help us to be like the Apostles who trust you completely, so that all we say and do testifies to the You the one who is our truth now and forever. Amen. Alleluia!

- Deacon Michael Montgomery