Monday in the Octave of Easter

Scripture Readings

In this week's Scripture readings everything is 'new'. The excitement and joy of Easter continues in the days and weeks following the Resurrection of Jesus and in our own lives as well. We may look back on Lent and wonder how (or if) we have been transformed through our Lenten journey. So often, though, the 'treasures' God gives us take time to reveal themselves. They may not be at all what we expect and can tempt us to hesitate and resist.  But let us be patient, keep moving, and spend time 'mining' the treasures of Lent.

Today's reading for Acts of the Apostles takes place on Pentecost. It's striking to witness the transformation of Peter. He preaches with a courage and conviction only the Spirit of God can bestow. And in the Gospel, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary, on their way to tend the body of Jesus, find an angel in the tomb. Shortly after, they the meet the transformed Jesus. Imagine the surprise and fear and joy. Transformation changes everything. It rocks the boat and stirs things up. Even so, the women approach Jesus and embrace his feet. Then Jesus says, "Do not be afraid". Today's psalmist further assures that God 'will not abandon my soul' and 'will show me the path to life'.  Can we embrace the unexpected invitations and changes God sends our way? Will we cast away the fear that prevents further conversion?

Transformation—'Christification'—is the work of our existence. The breadth and depth of our willingness to do this work determines the quality of our discipleship. In these days and weeks after Easter, may we

step out with a new energy and a deeper commitment. Let us mine the treasures God has bestowed during the weeks of our Lenten journey. And may we pray for the courage and confidence to approach God and embrace God's desires and plans for our journey of transformation.

- Gail Lyman