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Monday of the Seventh Week in Ordinary Time

Scripture Readings

"All wisdom comes from the Lord and with him it remains forever." This is the opening verse of today's reading from the book of Sirach. It establishes God as the creator and eternal keeper of all wisdom. The wisdom this passage speaks of is divine wisdom (of the heart) rather than human wisdom (of the intellect). It equates divine wisdom with God's revelation of Godself. All of creation, including humanity, is instilled with this divine wisdom and, therefore, a revelation of who God is.

In the Gospel reading, Jesus heals a demon possessed boy. The father of the boy, admonished for doubting Jesus' ability to heal his son, cries, 'I do believe, help my unbelief!'. It may sound a stretch, but the man's acknowledgment of his 'unbelief' is a gift from God. It is grace, through the gifts of understanding and wisdom, that brings the mind and heart of the boy's father to this recognition. And so it is with us. Any realization or comprehension of the spiritual work we need to do is completely God's doing. Our only part is to always live with our hearts open to God's Spirit.  

For those of us who are seeking God, let us remember God's divine wisdom the gift that it is. It is a sign that God is actively present in our journey, that we are 'on the way'. Through intimacy with God, may our hearts grow in wisdom that we may see, with the eyes of God, the divine plan unfolding in our lives. And let us give God the glory.

Gail Lyman