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Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter, Apostle

Scripture Readings

When the chief Shepherd is revealed, you will receive the unfading crown of glory.  God’s glory is constantly being shown to us.  Sometimes our eyes or minds are not always attuned to the wonder God has placed before us.  Or perhaps we recognize the beauty but we do not attribute that grandeur as coming from God. 

Understanding of someone’s care seem as self-evident as the words I love you. This meant they cared and would take care of me, I understood it as a child from a parent.  It is a good thing to have people care about us.  Only when I became a parent and really understood self-sacrifice did I begin to see and understand love as unconditional.  This love is best captured in scripture as agape. 

Thomas Aquinas defined love is willing the good of the other.  Intellectually, this seemed like a good definition.  Until one day, it felt like my world was coming apart.  In this moment of tragedy something profound happened.  My closest friend told me that she loved me, but more importantly she reminded me, God loved me.  In this moment, I knew that if this kind woman loved and accepted me in spite of my brokenness, then how much more God would love me.  God always wills’ the good for me, and in this moment, what I had known in my head, now connected to my heart.  Then I knew that love had the power to transform.

God’s love is all around us.  Like Peter if we are aware we are in the presence of Christ, then we too can help make the kingdom of God present.  Then the love that is shown us will be reflected in a way that reveals God’s love to others.

Loving and ever-patient God,

Open our hearts to the fire of your transforming love.  Help us be aware of you presence and blessings in our lives, so that we might be for other an encounter with You, who lives and reigns one God forever and ever. Amen!

Deacon Michael Montgomery