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Wednesday of the Sixth Week in Ordinary Time

Scripture Readings

The readings speak to us today of God’s extraordinary power, God’s generosity and how we need to be grateful for God’s accomplishments. The story of the flood and Noah continues in the readings today. The rain has stopped, but the journey is nowhere near complete. Noah sends forth a bird three weeks in a row to find out if it’s possible to download his cargo. The first week the dove returns, the second the dove returns with an olive leaf. The third time the dove does not return at all, signaling Noah that the land was dry enough leave the ark.

Noah showing his gratitude for being spared the flood and finding a new land to call home offers his appreciation by a sacrifice from all of the clean animals and birds. God smelled the sweet odor from the burnt offerings on Noah’s altar, and made the promise, “Never again will I doom the earth because of man…nor will I strike down all living beings, as I have done.”  God promises to provide for and protect us just like Noah.  How do we show our gratitude for God’s blessing? 

Jesus brings healing today to a blind beggar. Although unusual to us, spittle was seen in Jesus’ day to have medicinal value. It is also interesting that the healing became complete only after the second time Jesus prayed. This familiar story calls us to be aware of our own areas of blindness, and it also reminds us that even healing is a process.

"Lord help us to be aware of our need to be grateful for all of Your blessings. Give us an openness of heart, so that we would be mindful of how You are a healing our areas of blindness and calling us to be disciples who respond with generousity. Amen."

Deacon Michael Montgomery