The Seventh Day in the Octave of Christmas

Scripture Readings

Here we are again at the end of another year. What resolutions have we been pondering?

Exercising more, eating healthier, managing finances more responsibly? Notice how these (and most other resolutions) are about things we 'should' do or 'need to' do. Well how about this one: resolving to live in freedom. While not a common resolution, it is something we all truly desire as well as being exactly what we need.

In these days following Christmas, we are particularly aware of the significance of Jesus' coming into the world.  In today's Gospel, St. John deals with this most deeply mystical truth of our faith: The Word made flesh. And this is the very root of the freedom we so earnestly need and desire. Jesus is the origin and perpetual source of our 'power to become children of God'. Because of Jesus, we do not live under the law, but rather in the fullness of grace and truth—and this is precisely what it means to live in freedom. All that is needed is our consent and resolve.

Jesus, the One we follow, lived his entire life in perfect freedom. Living our lives like Jesus entails self-giving love and much sacrifice, but also brings the abiding joy and peace heart from living in fullness one's God-given identity. In the coming year, will we resolve to live in freedom? Can we allow God to change us? Let us pray for the grace of willingness and the grace to be resolute in our efforts to renew and deepen our relationship with Jesus, the One who offers us this perfect freedom.

- Gail Lyman