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Lenten Peace Challenge 2017

Please join us each day throughout Lent as we are challenged with a daily quote of saintly wisdom as well as Scripture from the readings of the day to help us open our hearts to the ongoing journey of becoming
Disciples: Sacraments of Peace.

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Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

We have spent these recent months exploring the concept of peace as it relates to our lives as disciples of Jesus. Broadly speaking, the context of our exploration is within the Christian Tradition and the community of the Universal Church. However, our endeavor must necessarily begin with a singular and intensely personal focus.  That is Jesus Christ.  

All peacemaking originates with Jesus, the Prince of Peace. Jesus communicates to each of us our specific role in peacemaking;  he places opportunities before us and bestows the graces to fulfill our unique tasks. Our primary, ongoing challenge is to sustain and renew our intimate friendship with Jesus. In seeking him, may we always be aware we are never alone when we participate in the Body of Christ. In addition, a gift of immeasurable value is the wisdom and legacy of the saints and holy ones. The presence and intercession of the Communion of Saints assists and encourages us at every moment.

This Ite Missa Est Lenten Challenge includes a daily quote of saintly wisdom as well as Scripture from the readings of the day. Each daily challenge is posed in the form of a question. Consider this Lenten challenge together with your other Lenten commitments. Reflect on the daily Scriptures. Have confidence in the Holy Ones who have gone before us.

Embrace God’s terms and open your heart to the ongoing journey of Discipleship: Sacraments of Peace.

In the Name of Jesus, Prince of Peace,

The Ite Missa Est Team





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